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How to choose a color scheme for your website

You first need to get a good understanding of what you’re selling/providing. If you’re trying to achieve a more premium, high-end image, then purple is your go-to, as people associate it with royalty, high quality, and intrigue.

However, if you’re looking to reach a broader audience, blue is a reassuring, gentle color that fits well for more delicate subjects, like healthcare or financials.

Why website colors are important

Like we mentioned, colors can trigger certain feelings on sight. There is a lot behind color psychology – you can check out the infographic on this page for some interesting unpacking of different brands and the colors they use, as well as the feelings they inspire.

You might think that you aren’t affected by colors, but you’d be surprised to see the difference that color selection can make to a company’s bottom line. In fact, 85% of people claimed that color has a major influence on what they buy.

When some companies experimented with their button colors, they noticed a sharp uptick or decline in their conversions. For example, Beamax, a company who makes projection screens, noticed a gargantuan 53.1% increase in clicks on links that were red vs links that were blue.

And that’s not just clicks – a study run on the mental impact of colors found that colors boosted brand recognition by an average of 80%. For example, think of Coca-Cola, and you’ll likely picture their vibrant red cans.

Don’t take this to mean that red is king, however, as there’s no real rule to this. If your site is mainly red, a red call to action won’t stand out that much, so you’ll want to play around with colors until you find a combination that works for you.

How to Choose a Color for Your Website

how to choose color for website

Color is a massive aspect of branding. For example, you may have noticed that almost every fast food restaurant uses red and yellow in their logos, as these colors encourage hunger and friendliness. However, Subway elects to use green instead of red, to reinforce their “eat fresh” branding.

Seeing how important colors are to your brand, you might be spurred into wanting to rebrand your website. Or maybe you’re branding for the first time. Either way, this article is here to help you decide on what colors to implement into your website.

How to Choose a Color for Your Website: Summary

Here are the steps you’ll want to take when picking colors for your website:

  1. Choose a primary color: Pick a color that suits the energy of your product or service.
  2. Choose your additional colors: Pick one or two additional colors that complement your primary color, ideally colors that make your primary color “pop.”
  3. Choose a background color: Choose a color for the background of your website – possibly less “aggressive” than your primary color.
  4. Choose a typeface color: Choose a color for the text that is going to be on your website – remember that a solid black typeface is rare and not recommended.

And don’t be afraid to use different resources online to find your perfect color combo – there are plenty around to sink your teeth into!


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Раздели на бутони Divi [ИЗТЕГЛЯНЕ] Кодови фрагменти, Divi

Наскоро беше зададен въпрос в една от групите на Divi във Facebook за това как да се постигне определен ефект с помощта на Divi. Чрез манипулиране на родния модул Tabs с помощта на чист CSS успях да пресъздам желания ефект.

Ефект на персонализирани раздели Divi
Ето връзката за изтегляне на JSON файла, ако се интересувате да използвате това и във вашия проект.

Съдържание на файла
JSON файлът съдържа ROW, който има модул Tabs и модул Code, който съдържа допълнителния CSS, необходим за този ефект да работи.

Поставил съм CSS в модула Tab, където е възможно, за да запазя нещата възможно най-много в Divi, а допълнителният CSS, който не е имал място в модула Tab, е поставен в модула Code. Чувствайте се свободни да извлечете CSS в модула на кода във вашия собствен файл на тема style.css на вашата тема или да го поставите в полето CSS на панела Divi.

Иконите се вмъкват с помощта на CSS и кодът за тях е в модула Код. Ако искате да промените иконите, можете да намерите допълнителни unicodes за родната икона на Divi, зададена тук: https://www.elegantthemes.com/blog/resources/elegant-icon-font

Ако не сте запознати с работата с unicodes в CSS, имате нужда само от частта на unicode, която идва след „x“, и можете да пропуснете задната точка.

Например unicode за иконата на кредитна карта е:

& # xe014;
Всичко, от което се нуждаем от този unicode, е e014. Вижте модула Code, включен в CSS, за действително използване.