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Useful resources to help you find and choose colors

от | ян. 2, 2021 | 0 коментари

If you’re ready to start looking for colors, where do you start? It can be tricky to nail down a shade when you’re just given a color wheel. More often than not, you pick something that looks entirely different when it’s implemented. And even if you find one color you like, you might want to find a palette that works well alongside it.

That’s why there are specialized tools to help you settle on a color scheme for your website. One example is Coolors – a website that helps you grab a premade color scheme and implement it into your website.


There’s also Color Safe, another website that lets you generate and browse colors by type, allowing you to find that perfect red or green.

Color Safe

Once you’ve formulated a palette, you can input your website onto checkmycolours.com, which will analyze your website and give you technical feedback on how effective your color scheme is for those with colorblindness or poor monitors.

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