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Tips for choosing website colors

от | ян. 2, 2021 | 0 коментари

Use consistent saturation

One thing you can do to strengthen your brand is to use various colors with a similar saturation. Saturation is another way of saying a color’s brightness. Have a look at drink company Innocent’s usage of color:

Innocent Color

Here they have six different colors, but none of them feel out of place or jarring. That’s because their saturation is muted to the same level, making it feel consistent.

Use the same color, but vary saturation

When a brand has a strong connection with a certain color, they might not want to branch too far from it. However, everything being a single color can become a bit stale, so it can be fun to take your primary color and play with the saturation a bit. Have a look at the social media options in the bottom left of this TechCrunch article.

TechCrunch Colors

All five of them are a similar green, but have varying levels of brightness. These vary up the visuals of the page, while also reinforcing the idea that a lighter green is synonymous with TechCrunch.

Further tips

For some more tips, check out our infographic below.

opening an online boutique colors
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